What if…A Jet Fulmar

One of my favourite aircraft of World War II is the Fairey Fulmar carrier-borne heavy fighter of the Royal Navy’s Fleet Air Arm. A few years ago I made a quick pic of a Fairey Fulmar with two jet engines in pods under the wings instead of  its single propeller. Revisiting the idea recently I decided to put this profile together.

  • I have faired over the nose and put cannon armament in place of the Rolls-Royce Merlin.
  • The wings and engines were taken from the He.280 profile I made. I did modify the shape of the nacelles making them more streamlined.
  • I also decided to give it a twin tail arrangement.

Fairey Jet Fulmar Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm 1

Lend-lease to the U.S. Navy for Operation: Torch

Fairey Jet Fulmar US Navy 1



Author: Tony Wilkins

When Man entered the atomic age, he opened a door into a new world. What we’ll eventually find in that new world, nobody can predict.

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