Alternative games for the Casio Loopy

15977532_1169688039811002_6704684481845693763_nThe unfortunately named Casio Loopy was a Japan-only 32-bit home video game console released in 1995. At that time the Mega Drive and SNES were dying out being replaced by the Sega Saturn, Playstation and eventually the Nintendo 64.

Casio (yes, the same people who make calculators and watches) thought that rather than attempt to compete with the big boys they would instead try to corner a niche market that was quietly growing at the time – younger female gamers. In that typically Japanese (and some would say sexist) way the designers produced a console that was the opposite of the harsh, mean-looking Sega consoles of the time and instead produced a light coloured, smooth edged little machine that was considered more feminine.

The Loopy was based around Sega’s vaunted 32X hardware and featured an interesting add-on package called “Magical Shop” that allowed it to link with VCRs and DVD players in order to take screencaps from them! These screencaps could then be edited with text and turned in to stickers via a built-in printer. The Loopy only featured a single controller port (clearly Casio thinks girls don’t like playing games together) and as well as the standard controller it also had a mouse.

Only 11 games were ever released for the console and they came on cartridge even though most companies at the time (with the notable exception of Nintendo) were turning to compact discs. The following are some “What if” box arts I have put together showing how the game library might have looked had it been better supported. Some are games from other systems while others are based on movies/TV shows at the time. I have tried to keep the “girly” feel Casio were going for.


Author: Tony Wilkins

When Man entered the atomic age, he opened a door into a new world. What we’ll eventually find in that new world, nobody can predict.

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