My Fiction

  • The Flying Duchess
    A British pilot during the Russian Civil War in 1919 has an unexpected encounter with a soon-to-be forgotten hero as the country breaks apart.
  • The Bio-Robots
    On April 26th 1986 the nuclear power station at Chernobyl in the Ukraine suffered a massive explosion releasing vast amounts of radiation. The Soviet Union sent in robots to clear the radioactive waste off the roof but when these failed they sent in troops to do the job. These troops then became known as “bio-robots”.
  • The Numbers Station
    An amateur radio enthusiast discovers something he probably shouldn’t have on the airwaves one night.
  • Red Odyssey: Phantom Phoenix
    In an alternate timeline in which the Cold War between East and West never ended and the situation only worsened, a pair of RAF aircrew take their ageing but upgraded McDonnell Douglas Phantom on a training mission.
  • Rhodri’s Escape
    South Wales in the early part of the 20th century and for Rhodri who was about to finish school, adult life in the South Wales valleys seemed to revolve around the coal mines. But Rhodri dreamed of more.
  • Attack Warning Red
    As the world stands on the brink of nuclear annihilation, a small train station finds itself overwhelmed by a specific group of refugees created out of the crisis.