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Ever since I was 10 years old when I visited my first air show I have had a fascination with aviation. This lead me to joining the Air Training Corps of the Royal Air Force at 13 and during my five years there I realized my dream and took the controls of both a Scottish Aviation Bulldog light aircraft and a Viking T.1 glider. I then undertook a gliding scholarship on the Viking which proved to be one of most fascinating experiences of my life as I learned more about the art of flight.

Sadly however my flying time came to an end with the end of my time in the cadets. Poor eyesight meant that any future in the RAF was out of the question and flying outside of the organization would be next to impossible. My passion for flight remained however and this fostered an interest in military history generally culminating in my creation of the site Defence of the Realm where I continue to express this passion through my writing.

As long time followers of Defence of the Realm will know I try to be as objective as I can about everything I write about as I believe there is little place for opinion in history because opinion has a way of clouding things over. This new blog however is just unadulterated Me and will basically be me writing exactly how I feel about things from the economy, defence and society right down to why my wife finds The Jeremy Kyle Show so fascinating when I view it as a cultural oddity.

But wait there’s more…

I have always been a creative person and enjoy writing stories and making digital art primarily regarding my own interests such as aviation “What ifs” and this new blog will be an outlet for this passion of mine. Defence of the Realm has become my real passion and rest assured writing for DotR will be my priority but this is a way for me to just express myself a little more.

So, if you think you might be interested in reading the words of an opinionated Welshman or seeing what my camera has snapped this week then hit FOLLOW.

If not then thank you for just visiting…

3 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Sir,
    Thanks for that rendering of the Concorde bomber.
    Quite convincing depiction as I’ve been thinking recently about other uses of the Concorde such as a RAF VIP type to ferry heads of state and the British Royal family about (Concorde C.1 ?).
    Also the Russians in the 1990’s proposed an air launched satellite rocket called “Burlak” which was nominally launched from under a Tu-160 supersonic bomber, then something called “Burlak- Diana” which substituted the Concorde as the “mothership” for the Burlak rocket.
    Pity the Concorde was “nobbled” by the yanks in the ’70’s, so only a small number were built.
    Regards from Australia

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